We’ve designed our blades to give you maximum power and grip for minimal surface area.

This involved rigorous prototyping and development but it’s been worth it! A smaller surface area not only minimises a blade’s weight; it also reduces paddle swing inertia.

This means they’re less tiring to use so you can spend longer on the water.

More power - less weight!

By looking at the blade's front face geometry, we've found specific longitudinal and lateral curves that increase the paddle's grip all the way through the stroke.

A specific surface area distribution and pronounced dihedral, displaces water evenly across the blade to give a flutter-free stroke with incredible power.

Optimised Spine

Our carbon blade has a tapered spine which has been optimised to give an exceptionally strong blade whilst keeping the cross-sectional profile to a minimum.

This gives a blade which slices through the water with ease and a geometry that looks amazing. Our glass blade profile has a more conventional reinforcing spine which produces an extremely strong, damage tolerant, geometric form.

Performance Blades

Our Aircore Pro carbon blades give you the stiffness and buoyancy of a foam-core blade with the reliability of laminate edges for a longer-lasting, higher performance paddle.

Our pro glass blades have geometry that has proven unbreakable, to date, with 30% more glass than the market leader; you have the strongest most durable glass blade on the market.

No Foam Core

We’ve developed the spine geometries and a manufacturing process that means we can use a hollow spine instead of a foam core, resulting in more reinforcing fibres in the blade and less weight.

Due to the weight saved by this process, our blades typically have 30% more reinforcing fibres than our competitors and we can still produce a lighter, stronger paddle.

By having a hollow core, the extra reinforcing material we use prevents the puncturing problems that are common with foam-cored paddles.

We’ve designed our paddles with structural analysis software and they have been tested and approved by some of the world’s best paddlers with outstanding feedback – we’re building super-strong blades which flex in the right places and feel great on the water.

Ergonomic Grip


Our crank shafts have a specially designed grip geometry allowing the shaft to fit securely in the hand - reducing the need to grip too tightly.

Combined with neutral wrist alignment this reduces the risk of paddlers developing repetitive strain injuries (such as tendonitis) and helps paddlers with such injuries to rehabilitate and get back on the water.