Aircore Offside - Carbon Shaft



If you're not quite sure what paddle length you require please refer to our recommended paddle lengths table.

Height [Feet & Inches]Freestyle / PlayboatingRiver Running
4' 8"131 cm137 cm
4' 9"132 cm138 cm
4' 10"133 cm139 cm
4' 11"134 cm140 cm
5'135 cm141 cm
5' 1"136 cm142 cm
5' 2"137 cm143 cm
5' 3"138 cm144 cm
5' 4"139 cm145 cm
5' 5"140 cm146 cm
5' 6"141 cm147 cm
5' 7"142 cm148 cm
5' 8"143 cm149 cm
5' 9"144 cm150 cm
5' 10"145 cm151 cm
5' 11"146 cm152 cm
6'147 cm153 cm
6' 1"148 cm154 cm
6' 2"149 cm155 cm
6' 3"150 cm156 cm

A touring canoe blade suited to paddling for longer periods where not every stroke is vertical.

The smaller blade area compared to the Pro Canoe the round edges help knifing and other control strokes. The Aircore Offside comes with our ergo grip as standard or supplied seperatly in the case of an uncut version.

This blade is made from 100% carbon fibre which is pre-impregnated with toughened epoxy resin making it extremely strong, robust and hard-wearing.

Supplied as standard with a ground carbon shaft its stiffer and lighter than our glass shaft for when reaction times really matter. If your looking for a shaft with more flex choose the glass version.

Fitted with our own carbon ergo grip, its exceptionally lightweight with a full carbon classic palm shape. It will provide comfort and control for all day paddling.

Paddles are all made to your custom length so please ensure to fill out the Custom Length Detail field with your preferred length.

A two piece splits option is available for those paddlers needing a bit more flexibility with regard to length.

Product Specifications:

  • Shaft Diameter: Ø 30.6 mm
  • Weight: 598 g (150 cms)
  • Uncut: 170 cms
  • Blade Surface Area: 745 cm²
  • Blade Length x Width: 195mm by 510mm
  • T-Grip: Carbon ergo grip

Every set of VE Paddles is made in Britain, by hand, at our factory in Clevedon. We take care at each step so you can rely on VE as your connection to the water. VE paddles are made using pre-preg carbon and fibreglass materials and compression moulded construction techniques. Blades are fitted onto proprietary carbon or glass shafts; in straight, crank and split versions. All VE Paddles are assembled to a strict process, to ensure a quality finished product. VE Paddles come in a wide range of configurations. We offer popular models in standard lengths, angles and shaft types, plus the chance to customise for your style. The product descriptions and paddle length charts will help guide your choice, but if you want advice on what will work best for you, please get in contact with us.

Shaft Detail