Brexit Update – European Shipping

Posted on Monday 22nd February, 2021

What about Brexit?

Unless you've been living behind a waterfall, you'll have heard that the UK have packed their paddle bags and left Europe for this thing called Brexit. For those of you outside the UK, we hope this information will help you understand the new processes we’ve put in place when you purchase one of our fabulous paddles.

First, all VE Paddles continue to be made in the UK. So the great news is that they attract a Zero or nil tariff (0%) when shipped to countries within the EU – under the terms of the UK-EU trade agreement that came into force on the 1st January 2021.

Will prices change?

Another change is that all purchases made by EU customers now have the 20% UK VAT charge removed. This also applies to anyone buying VE Paddles from other locations outside the UK.
As an EU resident, the price you pay VE Paddles will be lower initially, BUT you will have VAT and the import duty and fees applied in transit, which will be payable by you when the paddle arrives.

How will it work?

We’ll handle all the necessary commercial invoices and export documents that allow correct shipping to the EU.

Our shipping agent (UPS) will tell you the fee you must pay before they attempt to deliver. This will include:

  • VAT, chargeable at the standard rate in your country, based on your order value.
  • Duties, the amount an EU member state charges for these types of goods.
  • Brokerage fee, applied by UPS for processing the paperwork.

You will have to pay the fee to UPS when they deliver the paddle. Please be aware, we have been informed that these are collected in cash rather than by card or transfer.

Can’t you make it more simple?

We know this adds an extra step in you getting your VE Paddle, which to be honest we would like to have avoided. But we hope you understand this is something that all UK based businesses are now having to work with and most of all for you getting a VE Paddle will be worth it.

If you have any queries on shipping please contact us