At VE, we’re very picky about our materials.

We only use the highest quality woven and unidirectional high-strength carbon and glass fibres which come pre-impregnated with top-quality toughened epoxy resin.

Using prepreg materials is different to most other manufacturers who use a liquid epoxy resin with dry fabrics.

Our resin is a blend of thermosetting epoxy with a thermoplastic additive which, in simple terms, means it’s tougher and more damage tolerant  than a conventional liquid epoxy.

Using a prepreg-based manufacturing method we can achieve a greater scratch resistant surface finish with no gel coat or lacquer which add weight instead of strength.

We can also rely on our materials’ consistency, because we’ve got exact and accurate control over the fibre-to-resin ratio and where we lay the fibres. More science equals more strength and toughness!

Unlike most other manufacturers, our carbon blades are made from 100% carbon fibre, not just a carbon layer on the outside hiding the glass on the inside.

Using VE core-less technology, our glass blades have 30% more glass fibre in their construction and are still lighter. This additional glass not only makes our glass blades a lot stronger but also a lot more durable.

Our VE logos are moulded into the blades, not post applied stickers or prints. This ensures that even after years of abuse they will still be intact.