Clearance Paddles

VE paddles are made to exacting standards, but occasionally a paddle does not quite meet our strict quality controls. Structurally perfect, with no effect on performance, we offer these paddles for sale in our clearance area.

Grade 2

A paddle with small cosmetic blemishes: such as miss alignment or damaged logos, small surface imperfections or scratches, minor surface pitting or bubbles or exposed weave.

At first glance you would not notice the difference between this and first quality.

Grade 2 paddles are offered at 15% discount.


Grade 3

Paddles may have a series of material imperfections: such as misalignment or exposure of weave, minor chips or marks on blades, colour contamination and logo damage.

Once a paddle is used these often become less visible.

Grade 3 paddles are offered at 25% discount.

We are not able to offer individual details of why a paddle is graded. All clearance paddles are backed by our standard two-year warranty.

Pricing includes UK-VAT, however shipping is charged at the shopping cart checkout.