Care & Maintenance

Your VE paddle is manufactured from some of the finest composite materials available and should give you years of happy boating. Please consider the following:

Where possible store your VE paddle out of direct sunlight. All epoxy resins will yellow slightly with exposure to UV rays. Storing your VE paddle in the garage rather than the garden will keep it looking in top class condition. That said, our resins contain the best UV stabilisers available.

If you have purchased a two piece VE paddle with a split joint, after use wash with clean water and store the two pieces vertically to drain any water from inside the shaft. This is espically important if you have been paddling in salt water as this can corrode the aluminium clamp. Take care when assembling the joint that no sand or grit gets trapped between the spigot or the shaft. These two surfaces have been ground to a tight tolerance and any scratches caused by trapped debris will cause the joint to deteriorate.

Do not use any grease or lubricants on the spigot or shaft surfaces. These can collect dirt, and also cause the epoxy materials to swell marginally.