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VE Glass Pro - Carbon Shaft



If you're not quite sure what paddle length you require please refer to our recommended paddle lengths table.

Height [Feet & inches]Freestyle / PlayboatingPlayboating and River RunningCreek Boating / River Running
4' 8"178 cm182 cm184 cm
4' 9"179 cm183 cm185 cm
4' 10"180 cm184 cm186 cm
4' 11"181 cm185 cm187 cm
5'182 cm186 cm188 cm
5' 1"183 cm187 cm189 cm
5' 2"184 cm188 cm190 cm
5' 3"185 cm189 cm191 cm
5' 4"186 cm190 cm192 cm
5' 5"187 cm191 cm193 cm
5' 6"188 cm192 cm194 cm
5' 7"189 cm193 cm195 cm
5' 8"190 cm194 cm196 cm
5' 9"191 cm195 cm197 cm
5' 10"192 cm196 cm198 cm
5' 11"193 cm197 cm199 cm
6'194 cm198 cm200 cm
6' 1"195 cm199 cm201 cm
6' 2"196 cm200 cm202 cm
6' 3"197 cm201 cm203 cm

Our most aggressive shape, providing instant power which lasts along the length of the stroke. With most of its surface area focussed near the tip of the blade. It's the ideal model for freestyle or surf paddling.

Light, strong, buoyant and incredibly powerful!

These blades are manufactured at a very high pressure to produce an extremely solid hard-wearing edge.

This blade is made from 100% glass fibre which is pre-impregnated with toughened epoxy resin making it strong, robust and hard-wearing.

With geometry that is extremely strong and 30% more glass than the market leader, you have the strongest most durable glass blade on the market.

Supplied as standard with a ground carbon shaft its stiffer and lighter than our glass shaft for when reaction times really matter. If your looking for a shaft with more flex choose the glass version.

Product Specifications:

  • Shaft Diameter: Ø 30.6 mm
  • Weight: 946 g (197 cms)
  • Blade Surface Area: 740 cm²
  • Blade Length x Width: 485 mm x 217 mm


Available as a 2-piece split.

This paddle can be factory fitted with a glass fibre split adjustable joint. With a low profile locking lever, you can change your length and feather on the go. 360 degree adjustable with markings for 90° feather adjustment (10 cm of length adjustment).

2-piece splits are ideal for fitting in the car and the rear of larger volume kayaks for use as an emergency paddle.

The split joint is strong and robust, requires no tools and can be easily operated from inside the kayak.

Shaft Detail