Kayaking the Kopili River, Meghalaya, India: Jake Holland

Posted on Tuesday 5th April, 2016

We catch up on Jake Hollands kayaking  adventures to India. The first installment is the Kopili River.

The Kopili river sits in the state of Meghalaya, India. It is undoubtedly a world class stretch for kayaking, with pretty much every style of White Water within its 27km length!

We ran the river twice, once as a over night trip, followed by its first one day decent.

Jake uses the VE Aircore Pro Carbon Cranked paddles for this adventure.


Many thanks to:
The Rea-Dickins Brothers for all their help and invitation
Zorba Laloo for his amazing generosity of time and resources
The Laloo Family for letting us use their house to sort logistics
The many amazing drivers who got us to and from the rivers
Everyone in India who helped us and gave us a smile!