One Day In Alaska: Sam Ellis

Posted on Tuesday 6th October, 2015

The legend Sam Ellis takes us through his latest extreme kayaking mission- One Day In Alaska:

It was getting towards the end of summer on my BC adventure. There was high water on some rivers, low water on others, when I was kicking about in Terrace with newlyweds 'The Ali's'. They were telling me some beta they from local kayak legend Shane Spencer on a run which had  'MAYBE' only been run once before - it runs into Hyder, Alaska and is called Cascade Creek.

Myself, Samuel Drouin and Luke Borserio spent a couple of days hiding and scouting out potential new runs.

We got in on the lower section of Cascade Creek which runs into the Salmon River in Hyder.

Here's a little film of a great mini adventure we had on that magical west coast.

Sam chooses this VE paddle with a split joint for this mission: Aircore Pro Carbon on a Straight Black Glass Shaft