Dimitri: Winter Sea Kayak Surfing

Posted on Wednesday 2nd December, 2015

Dimitri doesn't like the cold weather to stop him from paddling out at sea - check out his latest video of him surfing at Nieuwpoort off the Belgium West Coast.

'The entrance to the harbour Nieuwpoort with its two piers is a distinctive landmark for sailors. It is not only a good place for anglers to throw a line, tourists and walkers to look at the endless sea.

It is also the perfect spot after a gale to pick up some good waves. Because of its two breakwaters at both sides of the pier, waves are often a bit steeper and higher than normal.

This is what we like to call home; finding our place in the environment, working against the elements to punch through the surf zone, working with the elements to surf a wave, often smooth and sometimes a bit rougher - but always with a big smile on our face!'