Crossing the Irish Sea by Kayak: Alan Creedon and Michael Alexander

Posted on Monday 16th May, 2016

Weather depending Alan Creedon and Michael Alexander will be setting off on their paddle across the Irish Sea today - all 100km's of it!

Alan Creedon is not only crossing the Irish sea but before hand he is walking from Manchester to Holyhead and then after onwards to Dingle in Ireland - that's 400km of walking in total!

OK so I can hear you all asking 'WHY?', why would anyone want to do that?! Other than the great adventure Alan is raising money for two charities Manchester Mind and Camphill 'Dingle'. 

'Walk for Aoife' is in memory of Alan's sister Aoife who had severe cerebral palsy. Aoife (pronounced eefa) couldn’t walk or talk or communicate like most other people. This walk is to pay tribute to her life and to acknowledge others out there, people with mental health issues and disabilities, their families and friends. This is a message of support for them from Alan and from everyone who is generous enough to donate to this and other campaigns. Mental health issues and disability affects a huge proportion of people in our countries and often they are not dealt with in a open, engaging way. Let’s be open and engaging, full stop.

This walk is also a way for Alan understand his own relationship with my sister, as with many families who have a family member with cerebral palsy, there were many emotional challenges with having Aoife in our family. Now she has passed on it is time for me to process what she meant to me as a sister, sibling and friend.

Alan's dedicated site where you can find out more about his adventure, keep track of updates and also donate can be found here: